Welcome to the 139 club website where you can find out about the charity, the courses it runs, the various coffee mornings we have and how to get involved. We now run courses in Wigmore, Strood and Canterbury.

The 139 club started in September 2010. It was born out of an idea, had by a father, frustrated at the lack of information available to him and his wife during their pregnancy and after the birth of their first child, when his wife suffered badly with Postnatal Depression. He decided that this was something that needed radically changing. He phoned his local hospital and spoke to a midwife. That midwife just happened to have a gentle birth workshop that could help his idea grow and so became The 139 Club.

The 139 Club gets it name from Psalm 139 V 13-16. Although derived from the bible and set up through the church, we are a non-religious charity, that tries to work within the local community and cater to all. The 139 Club are very honoured to have helped so many couples on their journey to parenthood with the Active Birth workshop and by subsidising them to make them more affordable, we hope that we can reach all pregnant couples.

All our couples are then invited to reunions, enabling couples to come and share & compare their experiences with couples of children the same ages. We do this in the hope that it enables people to feel safe in the knowledge that they are not alone in their experiences. We also run a coffee morning for mums, dads, grandparents, aunts, carers to come, relax and have a chat over a cuppa whilst the kids play.

Our journey with families then continues with the activities that we run for children of all ages. By running such a variety of activities, it is our aim to make sure that families feel they have somewhere they can bring their children, but have time to relax and chat to other families.