Whether you are an expectant parent wondering how you will survive on one income when baby arrives, a family with young children interested in money management tips or an individual surviving on a pension, this free course will give you the tools to assess your household budget and take control of your finances.

The session covers many topics including:

creating your own financial statement
maximising your income
the first steps to dealing with debt
cutting expenditure

The course includes a free Handbook which covers all topics above and explains how to prioritise debts, includes sample letters to creditors and a budgeting tool.

Refreshments will be provided with an optional hot buffet lunch after the course (booking for the lunch is essential).

Cost: Free (only a small donation towards hot lunch if you are staying)

FREE tea/coffee and biscuits

FREE course handbook to take away

Why is the course free?

We are a non-profit charity dedicated to providing money management information to individuals and families in the local community. The course is delivered by a volunteer and the venue is provided free.

For information on when our next course is please contact us.